Attention CEO's, Executives & Entrepeneurs... If You're Tired of People Making Excuses For Poor Performance Or Not Hitting Your Goals Then...
You're Invited To Enroll In The 4 Week LIVE Online Beta Group Called:
"Harmonic Performance Masterclass"
It's all about, "How To Double Your Profits In 12 Months Without Adding A Single Person To Your Team!"
The Masterclass Begins May 16th, 2018
From the desk of Pamela Mumm

Dear CEO, Executive and Entrepreneur, 

It's my honor to invite you to participate in this 4 week Beta Group that I'm hosting about, "How To Double Your Profits In 12 Months Without Adding A Single Person To Your Team Or Organization."

Since 2011, I have been helping CEO's, executives and entrepreneurs achieve remarkable results with their organizations through my workshops, group coaching and one-on-one consulting.
Now, I'm ready to make those results available to you through the Harmonic Performance Masterclass. 

Let me share with you some of the results CEO's, executives and entrepreneurs have received while working with me: 

CEO #1: increased company valuation from $35 million to $67 million in less than 24 months.

CEO #2: after 90 days of working with my system, were able to project a 50% revenue increase two years sooner than previously projected.  

CEO #3: after implementing the Harmonic Performance System, was able to exceed profit goals in a downturn economy when revenues decreased.

CEO #4: created 18% per employee revenue increase after 90 days using the Harmonic Performance System.
Here's what you'll discover during this 4 Week Masterclass: 
  •  You'll identify the right 3 - 5 major responsibilities for each position within your company so your team can operate in their "swim lane".
  •  You'll have increased accountability of your team at every level and each team member can optimize their performance.
  •  You'll determine your organization's guiding principles, that define who you are, so that you can ensure you have alignment of top performers in every position.
  •  You'll discover an Accelerated Decision Making Tool to empower your team to identify and solve day to day problems and make decisions without your involvement. 
  •  You'll have a meaningful and transparent Scoreboard System, that provides compelling data, so that everyone knows the game they are playing and if they are winning or not.
  •  You'll discover how to inspire your team to always want to give their very best. 
  •  And much more...
Since you were referred to us by a friend and they think this would be a good fit for you,  I’d like to invite you to apply to participate in this Beta Group Masterclass.  

Now you may be wondering, "What is a Beta Group?" 

A beta group is a group of people who go through the Masterclass for free in exchange for providing honest and constructive feedback to make the course better.

I'm opening up just 30 seats for this round of the Beta Group.

All you have to do to be considered is to apply by filling out the form below. 

I will personally review each application then email you with the next steps if you are accepted.

Be brilliant and keep growing, 

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