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Attention CEO's, Executives, Leaders & Business Owners... If You're Tired of Not Hitting Your Goals or Your Teams Not Performing Like You Know is Possible Then...
This series is all about, "Becoming the Leader Your Team Needs You to Be!"
The In-Person Class Begins the Week of June 25th, 2018
This Harmonic Leadership Series is for: CEO's, Executives, Leaders & Business Owners.
Those who make excuses, pass blame on others, live well below their potential, complain, never take any action, or act like they are not completely in control of their success, lifestyle, and income.
Pamela Mumm
Pamela is passionate about helping people, teams and organization tap into their potential, develop their talents, achieve remarkable results and make a significant contribution within their business or industry.

She believes in going beyond what seems possible and achieving a level of performance that appears unattainable at the beginning of the journey.

She grew up in a small-town in Iowa where she started her first business when she was 16 years old and have been building on those skills ever since.  As a business owner, high performer, competitor, and teacher, she knows the importance of confronting reality, setting high expectations, holding myself and others accountable, and getting the most out a team.  The result of all of these years of experience is Harmonic Performance.

As a Founding Member of the John Maxwell Training Team, one of the world’s premier coach training organizations, she has become a master facilitator, teacher, and speaker.

The people, teams, and organizations she works with achieve unprecedented performance, accelerated results, and significant revenue and profit increase. Harmony is the key to optimal performance with the least resistance, and the Harmonic Performance process is the key to those results for you and your teams.
Attend The LIVE Harmonic Leadership Series
So You Can Become The Leader Your Team Needs You To Be...
I'm excited to be hosting this LIVE in-person workshop to guide you in developing your leadership skills to become the leader your team needs you to be.

You can attend either on Monday morning or Wednesday afternoon as fits your schedule and here's what we are going to cover in this 6 session program.
You'll learn the tools needed to become a performance-driven, results-oriented leader. (Most leaders think they are already this, and they aren't - learn why!)
Go from the "settle for" leader to the catalyst in your organization that creates lasting change and dynamic results.
Master the skills that increase the productivity of your team without you doing the work.
Elevate your decision-making ability to permanently remove roadblocks to performance.
Develop your capacity to handle and resolve any conflict, without being a referee.
Learn to lead with confidence and say what needs to be said without second guessing yourself or your decisions.
and much much more...
    Session One: Arm Yourself
    Preparing you to have the capacity to handle the situations that will inevitably happen.
    Choose either June 25th or June 27th
    Session Two: Fail Fast & Fail Forward
    Fine-tuning your team's relationship to failure and how to use it as the launch-pad of future results.
    Choose either July 9th or July 11th
    Session Three: You & Your Team
    Amplifying your team's existing talent so you and everyone on your team contribute at their highest level.
    Choose either July 23rd or July 25th
    Session Four: Conquering Conflict
    Elevating your influence and your team's performance by mastering the ability to hear and resolve conflicts.
    Choose either August 6th or August 8th
    Session Five: No More "Death by Meetings"
    Learning to catapult the productivity and results of your team using powerful facilitation techniques that forward the momentum in half the time.
    Choose either August 20th or August 22nd
    Session Six: Measure & Adjust
    All great captains have learned to measure their progress and adjust the sails of the ship.
    Choose either September 4th or September 5th
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    Got Questions? We've Got Answers!
    Have questions? Call  (563) 590-4453
    What if I register and then can't attend?
    If you register and can't attend, you are welcome to attend the other class that week.  If you are unable to attend either class, we can schedule a time to go over the information you missed.
    Is there a refund policy?
    Yes, If you Attend All 6 sessions and do not receive the tools to help you achieve what you set out to accomplish, I will refund your investment. 
    Why is the class spread out over 3 months?
    Because this series is focused on results, and results happen when you take action and those actions happen in your actual life which is outside the classroom.  This design gives you the opportunity to learn, practice, and take action.
    Can I bring a spouse or business partner?
    Yes, of course, AND if they register with you, they can attend for $297.  You can decide who gets to keep the $100 :-)
    Do you guarantee results?
    I guarantee that you will learn the tools and be given the opportunity to apply them during the 3 month course.  Typically, people either achieve the goal they set or they are within a couple of "to-do" items to be complete.
    Is there a Group Discount? 
    If you are thinking about bringing a group, please call me 563-590-4453.
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